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October 12, 2023

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5242X Review

Get connected without cutting corners with this reliable, full-powered Windows laptop. Its roomy 15.6" diagonal HD TruBrite widescreen display provides plenty of space to work or play, while plug-and-play essentials make it easy to connect with other devices.

The Toshiba's 1366x768-pixel screen has a modest pixel density of just over 100 ppi and offers a good contrast ratio of 696:1. But its viewing angle stability falls short of the mark for most competing laptops thanks to the use of older TN technology. Consequently, colors can appear washed out or even inverted at certain angles.

We'd expect a laptop with an Intel Integrated Graphics processor to struggle when it comes to gaming performance, but the Satellite C55-C did better than expected in our 3DMark Skydiver test. It turned in a score of 2,771 — which isn't exactly stellar, but it's enough to enable you to play some less demanding indie titles at low or medium settings.

The only serious disappointment with this laptop is its audio quality. Its speakers produce a sound that's more reminiscent of click noise than true bass and lack a lot of dynamic range. Fortunately, you can upgrade the speaker setup with an external pair of headphones or invest in a more powerful desktop audio system.