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October 13, 2023

Toshiba C55-C5270 Laptop Review

Toshiba is a Japanese conglomerate or technology group that produces a variety of products including computers, mobile phones and tablets. It also makes power, industrial and social infrastructure systems as well as elevators and escalators. The company is one of the largest laptop manufacturers and it has a strong presence in the budget market with a variety of models.

This is a non-touchscreen model with a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. It uses an Intel Core i5-5200u 5th generation processor with 8GB RAM. The notebook runs Windows 10 and it can handle day to day office tasks. However, CPU intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop and AutoCAD will start to lag on this machine. It can play older games in low to medium settings but won’t be able to run any modern titles.

The notebook is powered by a GT 740M graphics chip. This is an old model with a 16nm GPU but still has good performance compared to its rivals in the same price range. The review sample performs 13% behind the Asus and 7% below the Acer in 3DMark 11.

Our test sample came with some bloatware. Toshiba has loaded the laptop with a number of Toshiba-branded utilities that most users will never need, such as the Toshiba application manager, Toshiba audio enhancer and Toshiba display utility. The laptop also comes with a trial version of McAfee Internet Security Suite that demands a fee-based registration after just a few days.