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July 12, 2021

Top Business Journals: The Top 11 to Read

top business journals

A journal is basically a book or a record that keeps accounts of all the transactions pertaining to an institution, organization or a company. The journals may vary according to their uses in a company. There may be journals like the sales journal, cash receipts journal and the accounts payable journal. A journal must hold all the transaction records of a particular organization, which is very much important in knowing if the organization has incurred losses or profits. Read more about the top business journals.

Here are the Top Business journals :

1. Corporate Governance: An International Review

It is one of the top business journals in the world. Furthermore, the publication is published 6 times in a year by Wiley and Sons Ltd. The journal generally covers some of the important topics like : shareholder activism, mutual funds, regulations and the stakeholder rights.

  1. It is basically published in English language.
  2. It has been published since 1993 to the present date.
  3. Impact factor (IF) is 3.39 (as of 2018).

2. European Journal of International Management

The editor in chief of this journal is Prof. Ilan Alon. It is one of the top Business journals all over Europe. It is mainly published by the Sage Publications for the European Standing Group on International Relations of the European Consortium for Political Research.

They mostly focus on the topics like: regional or international issues affecting the management of the scholars and the practitioners; management of the movement of the people by the firms; various social, ecological, technological, economic, political aspects etc.

  1. It is basically in English Language
  2. Published Quarterly basis
  3. Impact Factor is 2.545 ( as of 2017)

3. Journal of International Business Studies

Published by Springer is this journal. This journal is basically an official publication of the popular Academy of International Business. Furthermore, the main purpose of this journal is to show the plans and prospects of the multinational companies or organizations and their linking and relation with the other institutions. This journal is very important from the Business studies point of view. Published 9 times in a year is this journal.

4. Global Strategy Journal

The Global Business Journal is published by the Strategic Management Society. It is basically being published on a quarterly basis. Established in May 2011 was this journal.

This journal covers mainly the topics like the Strategies of international and Global Level , Strategy and location, comparative strategies, Global Strategies and Emerging economies etc. The Global Strategy Journal has an impact factor of 1.205 ( as of 2012).

5. Journal of International Economics

It is one of the top journals in the field of BUSINESS economics. Edited by Charles Engel is this journal. It was first published in the year 1971 and till this date has been running successfully. The Journal of Business Economics published on a Bi monthly basis. The journal basically covers the topics like different kinds of trade patterns, policies of commercialization, international institutions, rates of exchanges, open economy macroeconomics, mobilities of the international factors etc. the publisher of this journal is Elseiver from Netherlands. The impact point of this journal is 2.042 ( as of 2016). The journal is famous for running an Award called Bhagwati Award which was first introduced in the year 2000 in honor of Jagdish Bhagwati. The award has prize money of $1000.

6. Journal of International Management

The Journal of International Management was first established in the year 1995. The editor in chief of this journal is Massaki Kotabe. Published by Elsevier is this journal. The Journal of International Management basically deals with the management of international business strategies. This journal has an IF of 3.54 (as of the year 2018), which is really appreciable.

7. Management International Review

The Management International Review (MIR) was formed in 1960. The journal is published by Joachim Wolf and Micheal Jorg Oesterle. The editor in chief of this journal is Klaus Macharzina. And has been serving in this role for a period of 25 long years. The journal is basically in the English language. The Management International Review journal has an IF of 1.043 ( as of the year 2013). The journal covers areas like the International economy and its management strategies. Published is this journal on a bi-monthly basis.

8. Fortune

Published in America is this journal. This journal has its headquarters in New York. Furthermore, the editor of this journal is Clifton Leaf. The language used in this journal is English. This journal was first founded by Henry Luce in 1929.

9. Marketing Science

Published in the year 1982 by the INFORMS was this journal. The journal focuses mainly on empirical and theoretical research in the field of marketing. Reviews on the findings and advancement in the methodologies pertaining to the market related issues or topics which includes the pricing issues, new product promotions, management of the salesforce, forecasting, advertisement, marketing of services, marketability and segmentations. The journal has a 5 year impact point of 3.598 and an impact point of 2.490 (as of the year 2018).

10. Journal of Business Venturing

The Journal of Business Venturing was established first in the year 1985 by MacMillan. It was then published by Elsevier. It is one of the top Business journals of the world. The language used in this journal is English. The editor in chief of this journal is Jeffery MacMullen. Published on a bimonthly basis the journal is. Most importantly the IF on this journal is 7.59 (as of 2019) and this journal awards the “Journal of Business Venturing Best Paper Award”.

11. Journal of Business Ethics

The Journal of Business Ethics is basically an academic journal. Furthermore, it was first introduced in the year 1982 and since then it has been issuing its volumes. The language used in this journal is English. Moreover, the IF on this journal is 4.141 (as of 2019). The journal ranked 2nd out of 55 journals in the category of Ethics and 40th out of the 152 in the categories of Business. Published per year are 28 issues.

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