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October 14, 2023

Tile Not Making Sound

If your Tile doesn't make a sound when you double press the logo, it might be time for a new battery. You can purchase a replacement in the app, or contact Customer Support if you have a 2022 Tile Mate, Pro, Slim or Sticker.

Tile that sounds hollow is a telltale sign that it is not securely bonded to the substrate. If left untreated delamination will spread over time and cause visible signs of loose or detached tiles like cracked grout, cracked or lifted edges and even drummy or tenting tiles.

To test your tiles for nonbonding, tap on them with a hard object such as a steel ball bearing (chains or special sounding devices can be used for larger areas). A well bonded tile will have a high-pitched sound; a lower tone or a hollow sound means that the tile has debonded or was never bonded somewhere within the tile assembly.

Often the problem can be fixed by injecting the missing adhesive into the assembly, re-inserting the Tile and ensuring that it is properly secured. In other cases, the solution may be to remove the tile and substrate for further testing and inspection. This is usually best done on a sample basis, taking both hollow and solid sounding tiles from different parts of the installation for comparison, and also looking at other flooring characteristics such as layout sketches to capture the extent of the delamination (does the condition exist in just one room or throughout the entire home?).