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September 10, 2021

Things to Consider Before Choosing Blogging As a Full-time Career

Before we start let me tell you an interesting fact about blogging “Blogging is a marathon not a sprint”.

Blogging can earn you a handful of bucks, maybe! But it is not a piece of cake. Unfortunately, you will not make millions overnight. Most people have false presumptions about blogging. Blogging is not an easy job. Yes, it is no less than a full-fledged job.

Blogging promises flexible schedules, a handful of bucks, sense of independence, but it also asks for consistent and persistent efforts. You must have heard that wise statement, “Nothing is free in this world.”

Everybody loves to wake up in a room surrounded by hilly areas. With no fear of being late for a job and being your boss, the choice of blogging stands as the best career option. The question is whether you are ready for it or not. Are you ready to sacrifice your comfort? Would you stay consistent and patient? Whether you have decided to choose blogging as a full-time career or not, you need to look over these things:

Pick a Niche:

The primary thing is to pick up the niche of your interest. Your interest will save you from putting in too much effort. It will keep you motivated, and you will be striving to be better. The niche of interest puts us in our comfort zone, and we learn new things, excel and develop as a man.

So, what is your interest? In which niche you are going to write? A niche of interest to both writer and reader promises pleasure and success. There is no better reward for a writer than the pleasure writer feels reading his write up.

Quality Content:

Thousands of writers are striking keyboards and producing quality content in every niche. The genre you will be producing content in must promise quality and uniqueness. Otherwise, you will be left behind in the crowd as the environment is too competitive.

Introduce a unique art of expression like the writers at BlogPakistan have, and it will certainly fetch you a handsome audience. Make sure that your write-ups have perfect grammar, unified structure and coherent context. You will see yourself on top.

Practical Passion:

We often have passions that are futile on practical grounds. Sometimes, our passions are outdated, and people are not interested in them. You have to bring into consideration all these things before choosing a niche.

Philosophy as a niche will not earn you a fortune. Your passion may not stand as a practical one. But a unique writing style has the power to compel visitors to read. For a successful financial and professional career, your passion must be a subject of interest for other people.

Time & Target:

Discipline and consistency is the key to your success. You can enjoy the flexible schedules, but you must publish your blogs at a fixed time. The discipline in publishing will turn your blog into a brand. You can write blogs any time you choose to. But you must not be negligent when it comes to publishing. Your audience will have an idea about your publishing routine. Enjoy the privileges and leverage blogging is giving you, but be consistent and disciplined.

You must have targets that you want to achieve. Make a list of your targets and see if things are working out. Targets will keep you focused and motivated. Such motivation keeps you disciplined, patient and consistent.

Patience & Persistence:

Ups and downs are part of life. No one can be sure about anything. So, would you be able to deal with the stress because of fluctuating income? You will require patience in facing the ups and downs in your blogging career.

Any kind of adversity must not shatter your determination. You need to stay focused and persistent. You will have to believe in yourself throughout your struggle. Keep studying and making improvements in your field for promising success.

The Shortcut is a Lie:

It is a long road that requires consistency, patience, persistence, discipline and passion. You will face many hurdles along the journey. Do not go for shortcuts. A shortcut is nothing but a lie. Go smooth, parallel to your path and let your words bewitch the eyes of the readers.

The shortcuts we are talking about are spamming links and article spinning tools. These particular shortcuts are called Black Hat tactics. Refrain from these things for your goodness. These tools may prove effective in the short term, but Google Penguin will catch you sooner or later, and you will be banned.

Invest, Learn and Earn:

Let not your excitement make you forget the money you will need to put in your blog. Yes! You have heard right. First, you have to buy a domain. Then, you have to hire a designer for your blog. The aesthetic and engaging look of your blog is the primary thing. No matter how good your content is and how much effort you are putting in, no one will read it if your design is not appealing.

It does not end at designing the blog and writing the articles. There are thousands of bloggers like you who are having mugs of coffee and writing exceptionally. To compete with other bloggers, you will need to learn SEO or hire an SEO executive to rank your blogs.

Blogging will Last:

Your concern is realistic and practical. While choosing a profession, the first thing we need to see is interest and market. Well, do not worry! The demand for blogs is not going to decrease for at least a few decades unless humans lose the ability to write and read. Relax! It is not going to happen anytime.

The literacy rate and consumption of content are consistently and gradually growing. The domination of mobile phones and the cheap availability of the internet have promised the future of blogging. Humans desire to make themselves more knowledgeable promises the consumption of content.

You are here. You are reading this article. The world of blogging has made it possible. Someday, thousands will read your articles. Your words will enchant and grip their minds. Just stay consistent and determined. Good luck!

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