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October 13, 2023

The Vava Va-VD009 Review

For a dash cam that offers excellent image quality at a competitive price and doesn’t require you to hardwire it to your vehicle, you can’t do better than vava va-vd009.

Initially front-facing affairs deployed to prevent insurance scams (and spot meteors), dash cams have evolved into two camera affairs that monitor drivers and passengers—not to mention record the police during pullovers. vava’s dual dash cam offering is one of the most affordable of these multi-purpose devices on the market and a solid pick for Lyft drivers in particular.

The 2K front camera and 1080p rear camera use the same Ambarella H22A55 processor and Sony IMX291 sensor to deliver superb images for both moving and still pictures. The rear camera also records audio, a nice touch that will allow you to hear what your passengers are saying to each other or even communicate with the police during a traffic incident.

A 320 mAh internal battery gives the dash cam a few minutes of parking mode recording before it needs to be recharged through your car’s 12-volt socket, removing the need for you to install and run an external power cable. The cam also features a built in GPS receiver that can be shown in the dash cam app on your smartphone, displaying your actual speed and geographical location as you drive.

A pretty unique feature is a wireless "emergency" button that can be mounted on your steering wheel and used to instantly mark a video as important, protecting it from being overwritten when the camera runs out of storage. Overall, the build quality is good and vava backs the dash cam with a 24 month warranty that can be extended to 2 years if you register it online.