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October 13, 2023

The Vava Dash Cam App

A key component of the Vava Dash Cam is its dedicated app which provides a variety of features to simplify the camera's use and operation.

The app is available for iOS (iTunes Link) and Android and once installed can connect to the Dash Cam via a Wi-Fi connection. The camera will emit a WiFi signal that the app can see and once connected it'll show the live stream of what's being recorded. There are a number of other settings that can be controlled through the app like resolution, loop time and format as well as GPS.

Another important part of the app is the media gallery where all photo and video files are stored. All of these are arranged by date and make for easy searching when it comes to finding a file you need or just want to review. The app also lets you playback a low-res preview of the video in order to determine if it's something worth saving or not.

The Dash Cam is one of the more premium models we've seen in a while and it certainly feels that way thanks to its thoughtful design and the quality materials used throughout the device. Set-up is a breeze too as all of the required cable clips and tools are included in the swanky box that it arrives in. With a simple and well-made app the Vava dash cam can be configured to do all of the things that you'd expect from a dashcam.