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September 8, 2023

The Stretch - Cincinnati Reviews

the stretch cincinnati reviews

The Stretch is a sports fan's haven located within walking distance of Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ballpark. Offering ambitious cocktails, exceptional staff, and a special ambiance highlighted by "Cincy Love" neon lighting, The Stretch makes an excellent venue to enjoy pre-game cocktails or enjoy one before visiting other bars or restaurants nearby. They even give out cups for use around town!

This digital stretching program combines warm-ups and cool down exercises to develop overall flexibility within 8 minutes per day. The program was developed by former computer programmer, Larsson, who claims he suffered "total neuro-muscular shutdown" from sitting at his desk all day, deciding instead to make flexibility a top priority in his life.

Hyperbolic stretching is one of the main features of this program, which entails extreme or exaggerated stretches. For example, performing a splits stretch involves bending forward to touch your toes while supporting yourself with one foot - this stretch can help improve hip flexors and glutes; however it's important to remember that stretching alone won't yield the same results as strength training will.