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October 13, 2023

The Radeon RX 580 NVIDIA Equivalent

A few years ago the radeon rx 580 nvidia equivalent was an absolute must have for anyone looking to build a decent budget gaming PC. It was first released in 2016 – that’s nearly four years in GPU years – and when it came to comparing the performance of the RX 580 against the Nvidia GTX 1060, it was generally thought that the nvidia card was a little bit faster but it all really depended on the games you played.

Then in 2019 AMD refreshed the radeon rx 580 with the new Polaris architecture which made it about 3% faster than the older model on our 27 game benchmark test. That was enough to keep it competitive with Nvidia’s latest GTX 1650 Super, which is the card you’d normally consider if upgrading from a RX 580.

While the Polaris architecture has been superseded by the newer Vega GPUs, the RX 580 still offers a few useful features such as FreeSync monitor support, AMD Link system monitoring mobile app and Eyefinity multi-display gaming. It also supports AMD’s Smart Access Memory technology and Radeon Boost performance-enhancing software.

Despite its age, the RX 580 is still a good value graphics card and one that we’ve seen available for under $200. That makes it well worth considering for those on a tight budget that want to be able to play modern games at high resolutions and frame rates. We’re starting to see it show up on deals pages as we head towards the annual end of year PC deal avalanche that starts with Amazon Prime Day then Black Friday and Cyber Monday.