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September 8, 2023

The Kit Kat Ranch in Reno, Nevada, Is Opening For Business Again!

The Kit Kat Ranch, Reno Tahoe's elegant cathouse, is back open for business! Come experience its grandeur!

Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Brothel is located in a cul-de-sac near Love Ranch, Sagebrush Ranch and Moonlite Bunny Ranch; its girls are said to be less expensive than at its counterparts.

Hershey opened their $60 million plant expansion in Hazelton, Pennsylvania this week that will add an additional line to manufacture Kit Kat candy bars, producing 150,000 per day according to Hazelton Standard-Speaker reports. Hershey expects this project will create 111 jobs at their facility that currently employs over 3,000.

Kit Kat is one of the world's favorite chocolate bars and it even has its own holiday: International Kit Kat Day is celebrated annually on November 30.

But, despite its global recognition, the Kit Kat may hold some secrets that you are unaware of. Did you know it was created in England?

While many Americans associate Kit Kat with Hershey's, its first creation dates back to 1911 when Rowntree's of York began making the candy, later becoming part of Hershey Company and eventually owning the trademark for Kit Kat.

Nestle owns the Kit Kat brand worldwide, and has introduced many varieties in places like Japan and South Korea. Hershey hasn't been as swift in adopting new flavors for American consumers who tend to be pickier about what flavors they consume.

Hershey introduced a ruby Kit Kat for Valentine's Day 2018 and it quickly sold out and entered the secondary market.

Kit Kat Ranch will soon open to the public and is sure to impress when they do so. Boasting 24 private rooms and VIP suites, an exquisite two-bedroom VIP house, as well as Pink Panty Palace bar-lounge; guests will have their pick of girls available.