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October 13, 2023

Sword Coast Legends Promo Code

Sword coast legends promo code

Sword Coast Legends is an RPG set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It resembles a cross between Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights in that you control a party of class-based adventurers, select their race, alignment, and deity, then spelunk through dungeons, battle goblins and bandits, and uncover nefarious side-quests. This slick, easy-to-play Dungeons & Dragons jaunt works best as a co-operative multiplayer experience or in the DM-controlled modules that make up the game's story campaign. Its combat is a simplified version of the ruleset, distilling it down to real-time action with the pause button active, where you click on enemies to initiate spells and special attacks hotkeyed on your quickbar.

The story campaign is serviceable, with good voice acting and satisfactory dialogue. It starts you out as a generated member of the Burning Dawn mercenary guild who gets attacked by another group of knights who believe your guild is in league with demons. This sets the stage for your quests to uncover the truth behind the attack, while you roam around Luskan and its environs.

One of the key strengths of tabletop d & d is a flexible DM who can change the course of the story and delve based on player action. However, Sword Coast Legends' limited DM toolset prevents the DM from shifting things around as players take different paths through the campaign.