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October 12, 2023

SteelSeries 800 Vs 840 Review

SteelSeries' Siberia 800 (and its nigh-identical Bluetooth-enabled sibling, the 840) has long battled it out with Astro's A50 as our favorite stupidly expensive gaming headset. The Siberias beat the A50 in several ways: they offer better, more comfortable comfort, a more stylish base station and swappable batteries for worry-free charging. They also have cross-platform compatibility and Dolby 7.1 surround audio.

And while the 840s do have a lot in common with the A50, they add Bluetooth and tweakable audio settings through software on your PC. In fact, unlike many headsets that rely on a separate app to tweak the EQ and other settings, you can control most of the 840s' features directly from the headphones. The rear of the right earcup houses a "volume wheel" that can actually be pushed in, allowing you to change EQ or other settings on-the-fly. Likewise, the microphone is surrounded by an adjustable volume ring that lets you adjust its level without reaching for your computer.

The 840s also come with two swappable lithium-ion batteries that are rated for 20 hours of use, which is a good thing. While most headsets come with one built-in battery that can't be replaced mid-session, it's a nice touch that minimizes the risk of running out in the middle of a gaming session. And if you're using them for music, movies or phone calls, the 840s have a noise-canceling function to help block out external sound.