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October 14, 2023

Steam Controller Touch Menu Not Working?

Whether you are using a mouse or a controller, Steam allows you to map any key or pad to almost any input style. This can allow a game with no joystick support to take full advantage of your trackpad or directional pads. It also makes games with very limited joystick support look and feel just like those with full support. It is a feature that many gamers have grown to love, especially when it comes to games like Quake III, Skyrim and Deus Ex.

One of the more useful input styles that you can set is a radial menu. This is where your entire pad gets turned into a menu with up to sixteen different actions and icons bound to them (click 'Additional Settings' for bindings on menu button X). You can choose from Valve's default icons or provide your own.

Another great input style is the button pad. This is the most simplistic of all of the buttons that you can bind. This simply takes a physical ABXY button layout and converts it into an emulated thumbstick movement. It is the most common input style that I use and can be really helpful in some games.

If you are experiencing issues with your controller not being recognized by Steam, check that you have enabled the correct settings in the Steam overlay while in-game. You can do this by opening the Steam client and clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen then selecting Settings. In the Controller Settings you will find an option called Enable External Gamepad Configuration Support that you should enable.