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October 12, 2023

Stay on Top of Your Online Reputation With Me on the Web

What people see when they search for your name on Google can make a huge difference in what happens next. When a hiring manager sees something unsavoury, or your current boss discovers that you've been sharing sensitive job-related information with the world via the Web, it could cost you your position. That's why it pays to stay on top of your online reputation by monitoring what others post about you.

Google today launched a new tool called me on the web to help do just that, and it's located inside your Google Dashboard, right below your Account details. It encourages people to do a search for their own name, create a Google Profile and set up alerts so they know when someone mentions them on the public Web. You can already do this manually with services like Google Alerts, but me on the web is much simpler to use and provides automated suggestions of things to monitor.

The feature also includes a few tips and tricks for managing third-party content that's posted to the Internet about you, including links to resources that explain how to prompt Google to review sites and pages containing defamatory material and work to keep it off the search engine. Google says me on the web is designed to give people a better chance to remove negative items from search results before they cause a big problem. If you're interested in learning more, check out me on the web by clicking here.