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October 13, 2023

Sony Acid Music Studio 9.0 Review

Sony acid music studio 9.0 is a powerful software program for loop-based music production. It offers a suite of standard audio production features as well as the ability to create all-digital songs from the ground up. It also includes a variety of tools for recording, editing and mixing live vocals and instruments and includes over 3,000 ACIDized loops to use in song compositions. The program also supports CD burning, output to PSP, iPod, iPhone and MP3 devices and a range of online sharing formats.

The new interface is sleek and refined but retains the familiarity that makes this program a popular choice for casual and professional users alike. The program has a number of innovative sound manipulation tools that set it apart from more general DAWS. These include a sampler with the appearance of a hardware mixer, a flexible timeline-based layout and a powerful MIDI editor. It can record and edit MIDI note and controller data on the main UI timeline, manipulate notes visually using envelopes and keyframes, quantize events, or alter velocity values within a track and more.

The program also has a full suite of pro effects including the Zplane time-stretching algorithm, EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phase shift and distortion. It also has advanced MIDI features such as track freeze, MIDI keyframe automation, multiple event editing and freehand envelope drawing. Other features include new folder tracks to help pack up and tidy an arrange panel, multicore processor and Vista support and a comprehensive suite of cover art image editing tools.