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October 14, 2023

Sonic Gaming Combo Set

The sonic gaming combo set includes a pro keyboard, headset and mouse. The LED backlit keyboard and headset are designed to keep your hands comfortable during long gaming sessions. The adjustable DPI mouse allows you to tune it to your personal playing style. The set comes in a stylish green hill zone design and is sure to add some Sonic flair to your desktop.

Combos are a game mechanic that appear in several Sonic the Hedgehog games. In general, they are a set of actions that result in an advantage to the player, such as an increased ring count or more points. They also allow the player to use certain skills that are otherwise unavailable outside of a combo. Combos usually have strict timing limitations and will reset if the player misses an action.

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, combos are incorporated into the Freestyle Tricks system. Each trick the player performs builds up a combo link and adds a small amount of Boost Gauge energy. Performing a finishing trick (called a Finish Combo) creates a larger amount of Boost Gauge energy and allows the player to use abilities unavailable outside of it.

The sonic gaming combo set features a pixelated Green Hill Zone design on the keyboard and mouse, as well as Sonic's life and ring counts displayed prominently. The keyboard has a built in microphone for use with Skype, conference calls and class, and the mouse features an adjustable DPI setting.