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January 25, 2023

Skunks and Climbing Fences

can skunks climb

Skunks aren't the most adept climbers. However, skunks can use their claws to climb vertical surfaces and fences, if they can get the traction.

When you're building a fence, don't put it too high. Most skunks won't try to climb fences over 18 inches.

Depending on the type of skunk you have, you may be able to get skunks to climb higher than you think. For instance, eastern spotted skunks can climb up to 1.8 m. They can also climb up the roof of a house once they've scaled a tree.

Spotted skunks are much smaller than striped skunks. Striped skunks have long nails, which prevent them from gaining good grip. On the other hand, spotted skunks are lighter and faster. Their claws are adapted for climbing.

If you're worried about skunks climbing your fence, a solution is to add a layer of wire mesh. It's best to place barbed wire on top of the fence. This way, skunks won't be able to dig under the fence and make a hole.

There are also other ways to keep skunks out of your home. You can set up solar-powered red eye lights on the fence. These lights turn on automatically at night. Another option is to install a fence that's at least six feet high. A skunk can't jump from a fence that's too low, so a taller fence will help.

While skunks can't climb as well as squirrels, they're still not as bad at it as some people might think. In fact, they're actually intermediate climbers.