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July 12, 2023

Skinnygirl Vodka Reviews

skinnygirl vodka reviews

Skinnygirl vodka was developed by Bethenny Frankel as an effective way for those trying to cut back on calories to satisfy their taste. With just 75-100 Calories per 1.5-Ounce Serving, Skinnygirl offers an easy solution for anyone trying to reduce calorie consumption.

Cucumber Vodka

Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka is a refreshing summer beverage, made of light yet smooth flavors with lower caloric intake than popular vodka brands. Available in multiple flavors to meet everyone's preferences.

Cucumber vodka can be mixed with numerous ingredients for tasty cocktails, from fresh herbs and citrus fruits, to sweet fruits like mango. It pairs particularly well in cucumber mint mojitos, vodka gimlets and even simply as an over-ice beverage!

The perfect cucumber vodka begins with high-quality vodka that features a smooth taste, as well as fresh ingredients such as lime juice, club soda and ice for cooling purposes. Higher quality cucumber slices may also add an extra splash of color and flavor.

Skinnygirl flavored vodkas have received excellent reviews from both customers and critics alike, and are an excellent way to cut back on alcohol intake. But all alcoholic beverages must be enjoyed responsibly; too much alcohol consumption may lead to health complications including dehydration.

Tangerine Vodka

Everyone needs something to help them relax after a hard day at work, and for many that means sipping on vodka. With only 50 calories per bottle and natural flavors that give an added energy boost, vodka offers the perfect solution to take the edge off.

Tangerine vodka is an easy and delicious way to get your daily vitamin C dose while indulging in some flavorful fun. Perfect as a signature drink at a wedding or bachelorette party!

This delicious summer beverage combines Skinnygirl Vodka, seltzer water and orange juice into one delicious beverage that will help you reach your fitness goals more efficiently. Enjoy!

For this recipe, you will require freshly squeezed orange juice and vodka. Although regular orange juice may work just as well, freshly squeezing it from fresh oranges provides more vitamins and minerals than bottled products.

Step one of this recipe requires zesting tangerines using either a microplane zester or vegetable peeler, taking care to avoid using any part of the white rind with bitter flavors. Next, place them in a jar filled with homemade vodka and vanilla before placing in an airtight container and leaving to sit in darkness for three days - gently shaking or stirring each day to ensure thorough fermentation.

Natural Flavors Vodka

As well as making for an ideal mixer, flavored vodka can also be enjoyed as an individual drink. Just beware that some varieties contain sugary mixers which could add additional calories and sugar content. To minimize this risk, look for options made with natural flavors without added sugars.

Switch Vodka stands out as one of the few fruit flavored vodkas on the market that uses real fruit and ingredients instead of synthetic flavors, like Peach Basil and Pomegranate Lemongrass varieties that feature locally sourced fruits and herbs for maximum freshness and quality.

Nicole Torres-Cooke of VodkaGirl recommends this flavored vodka as an ideal solution for anyone who does not prefer "overpowering sugar in berry vodkas." She notes its natural flavors create the taste of fresh blueberries without being overly sweet, making this perfect for sipping on its own or with lemon for an after dinner drink. For optimal enjoyment she advises pairing it with lemon and enjoying on the rocks for optimal enjoyment.

This flavored vodka features all natural cucumber, lime and mint flavors for an invigorating beverage that is ideal for any special event or gathering. Plus it's gluten-free and vegan friendly. Perfect as a unique ingredient in cocktails since its distinct taste won't dilute their effects. Furthermore, low in both calories and sugar consumption makes this choice ideal for creating healthier cocktails.

Natural Sweeteners Vodka

Opting for natural sweeteners when making vodka cocktails can add a delicious sweetness without the additional calories, while maintaining its delicious taste. Honey or agave nectar are popular natural sweeteners which help your drink to remain smooth in taste - perfect for those watching their weight or suffering from diabetes who wish to enjoy a tasty cocktail without risking their health! This method also makes a delicious alternative.

Bethenny Frankel is an esteemed television personality, author and entrepreneur known for producing a line of low-calorie drinks under her Skinnygirl brand. This healthy beverage offers consumers an alternative to traditional drinks while being enjoyed by many consumers; especially her Tangerine Vodka which can be added into various cocktails for an enjoyable beverage option that also helps reduce alcohol intake.

Skinnygirl vodka offers more than just alcohol reduction: its numerous other advantages make it a worthwhile solution for managing alcohol intake, including improving mood and sleep, soothing toothaches, relieving arthritis symptoms and decreasing stress and anxiety levels.

Finding the appropriate vodka can be daunting, with so many varieties on the market to consider when selecting your perfect bottle. When making this decision, keep the following factors in mind: flavor, calorie content, versatility and price.