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May 16, 2023

Should I Delete Instagram?

should i delete instagram

At some point in their life, nearly everyone may ask themselves the question "should i delete instagram?" If this question has crossed your mind, know that you aren't alone - according to VPNOverview research during a six month period, people searched how to delete Instagram more often than any other app or website. While Instagram remains one of the most popular apps available today, there may be multiple reasons for wanting to close down an account with them.

One of the primary arguments against keeping Instagram is its addictive nature; users may spend up to 3 hours per day scrolling through posts. This can lead to decreased productivity and feelings of envy or jealousy among followers; spending too much time online could also result in lost sleep.

Consider deleting Instagram for another reason: it could make you feel insecure and depressed. Constantly comparing yourself to celebrities, influencers, or friends' lives may leave you feeling inferior; by deleting it you can regain control of your own life and alleviate these feelings of insecurity.

Finally, deleting Instagram can help you focus on both personal and professional goals more clearly. Furthermore, it gives you more control over your privacy, keeping scammers or fraudulent companies away. However, using Instagram for business may make connecting with clients or customers harder.