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October 14, 2023

Shockwave Plugin Crash in Chrome

Shockwave plugin crash in chrome is a common error that occurs while using the browser to stream videos. This issue happens because of the fact that Google Chrome uses an in-built shockwave flash which can clash with a system-wide Adobe Flash version in specific cases. In order to resolve the issue, users should follow the techniques mentioned in this article which offer a list of efficient troubleshooting methods that have been tried and tested by other affected customers.

The first solution to try is to disable any extension which could be interfering with the shockwave plugin. To do so, open the browser and click on the three-dot menu icon in the window's top right corner. From there, choose More tools > Extensions and click on the toggle switch buttons to disable all of the extensions which appear there.

Another option to try is to restart the computer and see if the problem goes away. This will give the browser a fresh start and can also help to address some issues that could be caused by heavy tab usage or a bad hardware acceleration setting.

Finally, updating the system drivers can be a great way to improve stability and performance for the browser. This can be done by running a driver scanner tool which will scan the PC for outdated or corrupted drivers and automatically update them. This will help to minimize the number of crashes which can be caused by incompatible or outdated software.