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October 13, 2023

Security Suite Review 2015

F-Secure protects against all the major avenues of attack with a degree of effectiveness not far behind the best in the business. It's also snappy to use and, unlike some rivals, it doesn't ask you to remove anything you don't want or need. However, its price hike after the first year and relatively basic feature set mean it's not at the forefront of security suites.

Bitdefender has long been one of the top performing suites and its 2015 offering maintains that position, even without the extra features such as secure cloud storage and anti-theft protection for mobile devices that are often offered in 'total security' packages. A key function is Sandbox, which lets you run suspicious programs or infected files in a virtual environment to see how they behave before they reach your operating system. The firewall likewise is intelligent, making decisions for you using trust ratings and preventing you from interacting with settings that could expose your PC to hacking attempts.

The program also warns you of unencrypted WiFi connections and those encrypted with the easily hacked WEP protocol. It wipes out browsing histories, traces and junk files, while a semi-transparent virtual keyboard foils keyloggers and prevents screen-scraping attacks. It scans your PC for vulnerabilities and fixes them, automatically updates your apps and web browsers and gives you a good level of parental control.

Trend Micro has been around for a while and takes a decidedly traditional approach to security. Its UI is simple to navigate and it has a small system footprint, but lacks some of the more modern protections such as dark-web monitoring and cross-device identity management seen in competitors. It's also more expensive than some rivals, especially when you factor in the PS50 a year premium subscription for its extra tools.