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October 13, 2023

Samsung's 990 Pro MVMe 4.0 SSD Beats the WD SN850X in Load Game Tests

If you're looking for the best MVMe 4.0 SSD for your PC gaming setup, the 990 pro is the drive to consider. It has a powerful controller with DRAM and cutting-edge TLC flash. It's a single-sided drive that's available with or without heatsink, and it even manages to beat the WD SN850X in our load game tests. There's an increasing amount of 4TB TLC drives on the market, such as the Lexar NM790 and Addlink A93, but none have the branding power and name recognition of Samsung's 990 pro.

The 990 Pro did well in our benchmarks, delivering competitive sequential performance and a great QD1 result. It also nailed random read performance, especially in Full Power Mode. However, sustained write performance is a bit weaker than we'd like to see, particularly after the pSLC cache runs out.

The 990 Pro is a good successor to the 980 Pro and a strong rival to the SN850X and Platinum P41. That puts it in a tough spot, however, since its competition is much cheaper. Samsung still prices the 990 Pro as though it's a top-tier performer, which makes it hard to recommend when similarly competent drives are available for a lot less money. Still, it's a top-notch drive that's worthy of consideration if you can get it at a reasonable price.