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October 13, 2023

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Review

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro adds three notable features to a mainstream laptop design: A 360-degree hinge, AMD's Radeon RX 540 discrete GPU, and the S-Pen stylus. It does well enough in each of these areas to justify its price, but the pen support is the biggest selling point.

The matte-aluminum chassis has no flex and feels solid. A chromed Samsung logo on the top bezel adds some flair. The keyboard's keys are well-sized and nicely spaced, and they offer comfortable travel. The trackpad is also large and responsive. It's centered, which we prefer over ones that tend to shift to one side.

Battery life is excellent for a 15-inch touch screen, thanks to an Intel Core i7-8550U quad-core CPU and 256GB SSD storage. The discrete GPU won't light any barns, but it'll suffice for a few games at low to medium settings.

The battery lasts for a full workday on a charge, and it has an extra slot for a USB-C power cable that adds more than an hour to the runtime. A bundled charging stand makes it easier to dock the laptop on its side or upside down, while still having access to all ports.