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October 14, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case With Keyboard

A Samsung galaxy note 8 case with keyboard is a fantastic way to keep your tablet protected and searching great, it is likewise a first-rate method of keeping the screen clean and free of dust. This top-grade cover grants a sleek keyboard pattern and will work with any model of note 8, it even grants an automatic keyboard key-up script that makes typing on your phone a breeze.

Samsung's QWERTY keyboard snaps onto the front of the Note 8 and pairs via Bluetooth, so it won't drain the device's battery as you type. Plus, it supports the S Pen's 4096 levels of pressure and 0.7mm tip, so you can do stuff like draw emojis and animated GIFs, write handwritten notes in Screen Off Memo, or translate words and convert measurements by hovering the stylus over them.

If you want to get into VR, the Galaxy Note 8's built-in camera can shoot in HD and 4K, while its partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus means you can take advantage of the headset's massive catalog of apps and experiences. And if you need extra storage for your apps, games, and photos, you can add a MicroSD card (not included) in the Galaxy Note's removable back panel.

A quick charge while you're on the road is essential, so pack Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging Vehicle Charger. It plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and recharges the Note 8 to 50 percent in 30 minutes or less. And its detachable USB to Micro USB adapter lets you power up other devices, too.