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October 13, 2023

RTX 4070 Ti Vs 3090 Ti

The rtx 4070 ti is the latest graphics card from Nvidia’s RTX line of GPUs. Its aim is to bring RTX features like ray-tracing and DLSS to older GPU architectures for the first time, while maintaining a reasonable price point. This makes it an attractive upgrade option for those with aging 3080 Ti GPUs and a decent PC setup to support them.

The performance of the rtx 4070 ti in games is very close to that of the 3090 ti, with most titles offering a good return on investment. In some cases, such as in Spider-Man Miles Morales, the rtx 4070 ti even outperforms the AMD Radeon 7900 XT by a slim margin. However, this result could be a one-off due to the poorly optimized ray-tracing in this game. In more consistent testing, the RTX 4070 Ti performed well with high and ultra settings in Doom Eternal, with average frame rates in the region of 83 FPS.

It’s worth noting that these results are all from 1440p and the RTX 4070 Ti does struggle with 4K resolution, where its reduced memory specs come into play. Nonetheless, this is still a very competitive GPU in its class.

More recently, serial leaker Kopite7kimi has shared insight into a full-fat version of Nvidia’s AD104 GPU, which will likely be marketed as the rtx 4070 ti. According to the leaker, this next-generation flagship should “easily match” the RTX 3090 ti. However, such claims should be taken with a huge grain of salt as these kinds of predictions often prove inaccurate.