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October 12, 2023

RTX 3090 Ti Power Supply Requirements

3090 ti power supply requirements

Using a GPU like this requires a lot of power. As a bare minimum, you will need at least an 850 watt PSU to run this GPU. This will give you some wiggle room for upgrades and overclocking. However, you can use a much more powerful PSU to ensure that your system will always have enough power for everything you want to do.

The RTX 3090 Ti is an enormous graphics card, and it also needs three 8-pin PCIe GPU power connectors to plug into its triple-headed power adapter. Since most current power supplies don’t have these, Nvidia’s new RTX cards come with a 16-pin to three 8-pin PCIe adapter cable.

As a result, the RTX 3090 Ti has some hefty power demands, even more so than previous generation Nvidia cards. Its rated 450W power usage is up from the 350W of the RTX 3090, and it requires an 850-watt PSU at the very minimum.

Of course, the amount of power your computer actually uses will vary depending on the specific components and the other devices you have installed. But for a typical gaming setup that includes an RTX 3090 Ti, an 850-watt PSU is likely to be sufficient. Alternatively, you can opt for an 80 Plus Gold-rated power supply, which is even more efficient. It will help reduce your energy costs, and it will also improve your system’s cooling efficiency. This will make your CPU and other components run more smoothly.