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October 12, 2023

RTX 3070 Vs RX 6750 XT - Which GPU Should You Buy?

Nvidia’s RTX 3070 is getting some competition in the mainstream from AMD’s older Radeon 6750 XT. The two GPUs have similar performance, so which should you choose? We’ll take a look at the pricing, specifications, and gaming benchmarks to see which is better value.

The RTX 3070 and 6750 XT both offer great performance at 1080p high-refresh, and they can even handle 1440p. They’re also relatively power efficient, with TDPs of 220W on the Nvidia card and 250W on the AMD model. They’ll both need a good power supply and adequate case airflow to run at full capacity, though.

Both cards can deliver a fantastic gaming experience, but Nvidia still has a slight advantage when it comes to the latest technologies. This is most notable when ray tracing is activated in games. We’ve seen some impressive results in Watch Dogs Legion, where the RTX 3070 is almost on par with the RX 6750 XT when it’s switched to Ultra and DLSS is disabled.

Overall, the RTX 3070 is an excellent choice for those who want to upgrade their gaming PCs. It delivers a solid mix of performance and features, and it’s fairly priced compared to the competing Nvidia options. However, next-generation GPUs are on the horizon, so you might be wise to wait a bit and hope that prices plummet further. You might be able to find a deal that’s too good to pass up! In that case, you could always go with the AMD option to get some of those next-gen features at a lower price.