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September 8, 2023

Rolleri Construction Review

rolleri construction california

Rolleri Construction has long been providing construction services. They have earned a stellar reputation for the quality work and customer service provided to clients like Micah; however, he recently expressed some reservations with their work: paint wasn't evenly applied and some areas left unfinished; also tiles weren't aligned correctly which resulted in an uneven look.

Micah also voiced concerns over his contractor and their lack of communication, not receiving regular updates about project progress, with none responding promptly to inquiries posed by Micah. Micah believed that the project was overpriced, not providing him with maximum value for his investment.

California homebuilding costs vary significantly and depend on several factors, including location and house style. A basic home can typically be constructed for around $300-$450 per square foot - not including land costs and materials costs but including electrical and plumbing fees as additional extras that quickly add up.