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October 13, 2023

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Keyboard Review

Roccat Ryos // mk pro is a well-featured keyboard with some extras that help to set it apart. The software suite is quite jam packed and can make the keyboard look very cool with lighting effects. Using the software, you can also control the functionality of each key.

The keyboard comes in a large cardboard box with a beautiful piece of artwork that highlights the most important features. Once you open it up, you are greeted with a keyboard and a large wrist rest. Gamers are always split on whether or not they need wrist support for a keyboard and the huge one here will certainly please those who prefer it. The wrist rest itself is covered with a special smudge proof coating that helps to keep it looking clean while gaming.

On the bottom, you will find four connectors: two USB and two audio jacks. The USB connections are positioned side by side and are braided. This allows for a lot of cable pass throughs which is nice and helps with keeping things organized.

The Easy-Shift[+] feature enables you to assign secondary keys to almost every key on the keyboard, making it extremely customizable and tailored to any game or key configuration. Combined with n-key rollover and ultra-advanced anti-ghosting, the Ryos MK Pro delivers unrivaled performance for your most intense gaming sessions.

Overall, Roccat has delivered another great gaming keyboard and this is definitely a must have for gamers looking to upgrade their current hardware. The price is a bit on the high side but it should be expected for all of the extra features that this keyboard offers.