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September 12, 2023

Review of the Movie 'Honor Hears a Who Emo'

horton hears a who emo

The movie follows the story of Horton, an elephant that discovers a tiny speck of dust called Whoville. The film has a lot of funny parts, but it also teaches compassion and integrity. It is a good movie for kids and adults.

Jim Carrey is great as the voice of Horton. He adds a lot of humor to his character and is really entertaining. The movie shows that Horton is very protective of the speck and wants to protect Whoville from dangers. But it doesn’t show any kind of emotional depth or make the viewer feel like Horton actually cares about the speck or its inhabitants.

Amy Poehler is also hilarious as Sally O’Malley, Ted McDodd’s wife and mother of the 97 Whos of Whoville. She is supportive and a loving wife and mom. Poehler is very talented and can act in so many different movies, skits, and shows. She is also a cast member on Parks and Recreation.

Niecy Nash is a great addition to the film as Miss Yelp. She is the Mayor’s loyal assistant and puts up with a lot of crazy things from the Mayor. She is a strong woman who knows what she’s doing and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise.

Joey King is the voice of Katie, a very cute and quirky yet odd yak calf. She is a student of Horton’s and always says strange things and shows off her rows of sharp teeth.