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July 12, 2023

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint During a Cross-Country Move


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Relocating can be one of your life's more wasteful and environmentally harmful processes. It is estimated that nearly 34 to 36 million move yearly, and while not all of those moves are cross-country, they still involve loads of packing, travel, waste, etc. The numbers are staggering, and this is inherently harmful to the environment. Suppose you are approaching a long-distance or cross-country move. In that case, considering the impact you will leave behind is essential to ensuring the health of our ecosystem, communities, and families.

Cross-country movers in Denver, CO, are forced to think about the repercussions of what moving can do to the environment. Since so many people are making their way into Colorado and out of the state, many packing supplies, materials, and fields go into the process. There are many ways to improve the art of moving, and plenty of moving companies have enforced environmentally friendly practices to make things easier for clients. If you are looking to move soon, there are some things you can take accountability for the world in your way.

Declutter & Reduce Your Move Size

One of the first things you need to do before a cross-country move is preparation, and that all starts with completing a little decluttering, or a whole lot of it. Taking the proper steps to organize and declutter your house makes the moving process more accessible and helps the environment too! Downsizing can feel overwhelming, but most professional movers will assist in packing and provide various packing options. If you can downsize your move, it reduces the number of things you need to pack, so there will be less waste on the delivery end.

Decluttering also ensures that you are moving less stuff, so there is inevitably less energy spent on unpacking, saving you money on the move overall. The more planning goes into the downsizing of your move, the less the world has to deal with packing materials going into a landfill, and the more space there is to share the trailer with other people hoping to move long-distance with a moving company as well!

Reuse or Utilize Eco-Friendly Packing Supplies

Packing for a move is usually part of the process everyone likes to avoid - some because it is more tedious, and other times, it is because the process brings up emotions. Packing for a cross-country move is one of the biggest causes of waste in relocation. Instead of heading out to buy all new boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper - consider ways to reuse things you already have lying around your house.

Save some of those Amazon packages that keep showing up at your door; bring out those old storage totes and your luggage sets instead! You can also turn to your community for help reusing moving boxes and packing supplies. Frequently there are postings on neighborhood and other social networking websites where people will repost and giveaway packing materials. You can also head to your local grocery stores and retail establishments, as everything is transported in boxes to get there, so they usually get rid of a lot of them.

Think About How You Can Evolve in Your New Home

When you are making a cross-country move, there are a whole lot of changes taking place. If you are thinking about how your relocation impacts the environment, you will also want to consider how it can be affected by your everyday living. Moving into a new home or apartment entails a lot of work, from unpacking to painting, decorating, etc. When settling into your new place, it is essential to begin thinking about how your relocation and everyday living can negatively or positively affect the world around you.

  • Consider recycling if you aren't already and get the whole household on board; you can even take things a step further to begin composting for your garden!
  • Is work or school nearby? Try out walking, biking, or utilizing a ride share to wherever you need to be to offset those carbon emissions!
  • Instead of buying all new home decor and furniture options, try reusing something old for someone else that will be brand new to you!

Consider a Green Cross-Country Moving Company

Embracing a new kind of moving experience is vital to transforming our communities and the world as we know it. Denverites are accustomed to these beautiful, natural surroundings that everyone can freely enjoy. Still, unfortunately, if we want to continue enjoying the great outdoors as we know it - everyone needs to lend a helping hand and become more conscious about how relocating, whether long-distance, cross-country, or locally, can impact the environment.

Rocky Movers provides professional cross-country, long-distance, and local moving services to Denver, CO; their priority is to offer customers environmentally transit, packing, and storage solutions. Rocky has made it a priority to impose environmental handling fees and intentionally remains conscious of how moving can impact our world and reduce the carbon footprint in the goal. If you are interested in going green for your upcoming cross-country move, connect with a local, licensed mover near you and ask them how they can assist in staying green no matter where you relocate!

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