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October 13, 2023

RAVPower RP-PB187 - A 70200mAh / 252.7 Wh Power House

When shopping for a portable power station, it's important to look beyond just the capacity. You want to make sure the model you choose can power the devices and appliances that you plan to use with it. Checking the wattage output of those devices is helpful, too. Some power stations will list the total wattage they can provide on their spec sheet, while others will give you an idea of their peak output. If you're using a device like a CPAP machine, for example, that requires a pure sine wave signal, look for a power station with a "pure" option on its list of features.

The RAVPower RP-PB187 is one of those portable power stations that boasts an impressive amount of power in a compact package. This portable battery packs a 70200 mAh / 252.7 Wh capacity and can supply power through either USB-A or USB-C ports or through two AC outlets run by an internal inverter. It comes in a fairly plain white and blue box that's easy to carry around, and it includes a carrying bag.

This RAVPower power station has ports and indicators on all four sides, making it a convenient option for charging and powering devices. On the front, there are five Blue LED indicators that let you know how much of its total capacity is left. There's also a power button on this side, along with a LED light that can be toggled between three different modes.