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October 13, 2023

Racing Rivals Redeem Code 2016

Redeem Codes are one of the best methods to get unlimited Gems and Cash in Racing Rivals, a new Cie Games drag racer. These codes are hard to find, but on special occasions developers release them for players to redeem.

The list races continue as OKC's biggest rivals go after each other with a vengeance. Chief and Shawn plan a recon mission to spy on Jackie Knox's test hit in the Sonoma. Farmtruck and AZN build a Cadillac-inspired sofa, but it won't be enough to keep them off the list. Meanwhile, old state rivalries turn violent as Texas racers LMR try to change the rules in the OKC game. The revenue generated from these races no longer covers the costs of operating the series, so it's time to move on.