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October 12, 2023

R-Drive Image 7 Review

R-Drive Image is a tool for the quick creation of system backups and restoration of disks, partitions and individual files. It can be used for emergency system recovery on portable computers, maintenance data backup for desktops and servers, mass system deployment for identical computer systems, complex scheduled data backup and restore tasks and so on.

The program allows to save images of drives and partitions either as full (everything) or incremental and differential (only changes since the last image) copies. It can also perform disk cloning, connect images as virtual disks and copy files between them or to a regular hard drive. Besides that it offers advanced disk management (create, wipe, delete, install and resize partitions) and can split images into multiple files to fit them onto a storage medium.

It understands Microsoft FAT (16/32), NTFS and exFAT; Apple HFS+ and APFS; Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 and res filesystems; as well as hardware RAIDs and software RAIDs (Windows, Linux mdadm). It is possible to backup and restore the entire operating system and its applications, the boot loader, configuration and other essential data.

The program has a simple wizard interface that can be operated with several mouse clicks. Almost all actions are specified by the user with clear step-by-step instructions. The software can be accessed from command line, allowing the automation of tasks from scripts. Moreover, it can send notifications about completed and failed tasks via e-mail. It can also track all backups and restorations in the database for future reference.