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June 29, 2024

Protect Your Family With an Anti-Scald Device

If your children play around the bathtub or shower, you should consider protecting them from painful scalding burn injuries with an anti-scald device. These devices are often required by federal, state and local building codes to reduce the number of hot water injuries suffered in homes and apartment buildings. They are also recommended for any home with young children and elderly residents who may be more susceptible to burn injuries.

Countless children go to the emergency room every year with severe burn injuries from showers, tubs and sinks. While many parents focus on securing sharp corners and covering electrical outlets to keep their children safe, not enough attention is paid to the dangers of hot water. These injuries are most often caused by accidental scalding.

Anti-scald devices can help to eliminate this risk, providing an effective and affordable solution for families with small children. They are installed on the hot water line of your home and work to prevent sudden temperature changes from causing serious injuries. This technology is available for both showers and sinks, making it easy to protect your whole family from potentially harmful fluctuations in water temperatures.

The basic way an anti-scald device works is by regulating the temperature of your water by adding cold water to the supply. They can be installed on sinks that have a single handle for water temperature control, as well as bathtubs and showers. There are three types of anti-scald devices, including thermostatic mixing (Type T), pressure balance (Type P) and combination fittings that combine both Type T and Type P technologies. These types of valves are less expensive than replacement faucets and offer an excellent level of protection from unexpected water temperatures that can lead to scalding.

In addition to keeping your family safer, anti-scald valves can save you money by lowering your energy bills. The added cold water to your system reduces the demand for heating it, which cuts down on your monthly utility bills. Moreover, these devices are also ideal for reducing the amount of water you use, since they limit your consumption by slowing the flow of your shower and sink water.

If you have an older home that does not have an anti-scald device, contacting a professional plumber to install one should be your next step. Scalding burns can be extremely dangerous for seniors and children, requiring expensive medical treatment and costly skin grafts. These injuries can even be life-threatening in some cases.

The best place to find an anti-scald device is located down stream of where the hot water line attaches to your water heater. It is usually just before the first branch that connects to a hot water faucet. You will be able to locate it by removing the handle or head of your faucet and looking for the plastic device that is attached to the pipe. You can then adjust it by turning it to the right until your water temperature matches your preferred setting.