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July 12, 2023

Pole Barn Material List

pole barn material list

Pole barns are versatile structures that can serve many functions. From housing livestock and machinery storage to serving as workshops.

Numerous companies provide DIY pole barn kits, offering premium-grade lumber, code-compliant wood trusses and high-grade metal roofing and siding materials as well as plans and building instructions. These DIY kits can make building your pole barn a quick and straightforward project.


Insulation should always be installed when using your pole barn as a shelter for livestock or poultry, to protect from extreme weather and prevent condensation build-up. Insulation also provides protection for those inside as it helps regulate temperatures inside, keeping livestock safe while helping control moisture in the atmosphere.

Check for insulation with an exterior reflective foil layer connected to polyethylene bubbles within, otherwise known as foam-foil-foam insulation. This lightweight yet strong insulation solution can easily be cut with a utility knife and stapled or nailed into place for quick installation.

Metal roofing and siding systems can help improve energy efficiency. Look for systems featuring Kynar 500 finishes - more durable than silicone-modified polyesters commonly found on metal buildings - that withstand abrasion, UV radiation and harsh weather.

Some national and regional companies offer pole barn kits with all of the materials you need for building a specific size pole barn, including foundation footers. When choosing one of these kits, be sure to look for one with premium-grade lumber, sturdy code-compliant wood trusses and high-quality metal roofing and siding materials as well as detailed building instructions and blueprints.

Metal Liner Panels

Metal liner panels of a pole barn are also an integral element, serving to define its use; corrugated tin panels may suffice for hay storage purposes while heavier and more robust metal may be required to withstand machinery or heavy snow loads.

Metal panels should be attached to wood girts with galvanized pole barn nails that can withstand load-bearing pressure and have thicker bases than standard nails, along with base channels that connect them directly with steel trusses.

Silicone-modified polyester paints are typically the preferred choice, while Kynar 500(r) coatings offer greater longevity against abrasion, extreme weather conditions and chemicals. When selecting a pole barn kit, look for one with all of the components necessary, including roof and siding metal roofing/siding as well as all necessary components; best kits include detailed plans or blueprints and materials list with their specifications designed to meet local building codes.

Paint or Stain

Pole barns offer an easy and economical solution for adding extra storage to your property, providing additional space while remaining cost-efficient compared to more conventional structures like garages. You can construct one yourself or purchase a kit containing everything necessary to construct it yourself - including blueprints.

These kits will contain everything from concrete piers and wood framing, roof trusses, roof shingling or metal roof options depending on what your plans for using it are; including corrugated metal roof cladding (shingles or corrugated tin roofing). Lumber may be required for walls as well as windows/doors for access and roofing material needs; you will also need to establish what kind of walls you will have before purchasing the materials needed for construction.

Once again, you must decide between staining or painting for your wood furniture. A solid stain will highlight its natural grain while paint creates a flat finish - both techniques offer different styles, so be sure to weigh both options carefully when making your decision.


Selecting doors for your pole barn will have a profound impact on its functionality and appearance. Your choice should depend on what items will be stored there as well as how often access is granted to the building.

Steel roll-up doors are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, while also offering maximum protection from theft, animals, weather and dust. These types of doors are commonly found in machine sheds and storage buildings.

Bifold and hydraulic doors provide secure storage of expensive vehicles or equipment in your building, making them the ideal solution for airplane hangars as well as storefronts where frequent delivery of large pallets of product occurs.

Add windows for an updated aesthetic in your pole barn! Clear panel windows offer natural lighting without creating air gaps that might let in animals or wind; typically 2' tall they can easily be installed along sidewalls of pole buildings.


Pole barns provide an ideal way to store equipment, create workshop spaces or serve as auto repair garages. Some pole barn plans also include loft and living quarter features that increase both property value and overall usage of this structure.

If you possess the skill and time, assembling all of the materials necessary for building your own pole barn can be an economical endeavor. Many companies sell kits containing everything necessary, as well as detailed plans on how to assemble one custom barn.

These plans come complete with an engineer-signed and dated "wet stamp," guaranteeing they meet local building code requirements and guaranteeing the project can be constructed safely and properly. Pole barn kits provide an alternative option for those lacking time or knowledge to source all materials independently and also represent significant cost savings over hiring an outside contractor to do the construction for you.