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October 12, 2023

Pokemon GO Maps - You Gotta Catch 'Em All Map

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, with people spending their time outdoors walking around with their eyes glued to their phones looking for the fictional pocket monsters. It's become hard to spend more than a few minutes outdoors without passing someone who has their arms stretched out, trying to catch a Lapras in the Boston Common or a Snorlax at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Thankfully for those who need a little bit of help in their quest, a number of crowdsourced maps have popped up to tell players where they can find certain Pokemon. These maps use Google Maps to show players the streets and pathways they're on while playing, as well as showing them PokeStops and gyms that are located at popular public and residential landmarks.

The most famous is Pokecrew, which uses your location to zoom in and tells you what Pokemon you'll find nearby. Another is Pokemapper, which shows a wider area and breaks down the Pokemon available by uncommon, rare and ultra rare. Both are being used by huge numbers of Pokemon GO players, so don't be surprised to see them crash periodically or give you messages that they're experiencing server issues.