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October 14, 2023

PC Decrapifier Review - Does Decrapifier Really Clean My Computer Reviews?

PC Decrapifier is a free program that helps you remove software junk that comes pre-installed on many new computers. This software does a great job of cleaning up your computer, saving space, and boosting performance. Unlike the popular CCleaner, which primarily cleans your Windows Registry, PC Decrapifier does a great job of detecting and removing unwanted programs from your computer.

The application comes in two modes: automatic and manual. I would suggest that you stick with the manual mode on a new computer and leave the automatic mode for a used or re-built laptop that might be running some important third party software. Using automatic mode on a new laptop might cause problems and possibly break your operating system.

Once the program is launched it will scan your computer and show you a list of installed applications. These are nicely sorted into four categories: Automatically starting software, Drivers and other probably important software, Start menu items, Third party software and Windows related software. Each of these categories can be checked or unchecked.

After selecting all the programs you want to remove Decrapifier will automatically uninstall them for you. This process takes a little time and may require you to click through several prompts. Decrapifier also offers to create a System Restore point before proceeding which is something I would recommend doing. It will also automatically clean the Windows Registry for you which is a great way to keep your system looking nice and running fast.