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July 19, 2023

Packing for Protection: Pack Like a Professional During Your Long-Distance Move

The dreaded and necessary packing process when you are making your way to the next state or perhaps even across the country - is the one task that people seem to love procrastinating. Packing up your home and everything you own to place on a moving truck that will travel to your destination can bring up feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness. Still, when you can pack like a true expert, you will have nothing to fear!

Long-distance movers in Denver, CO, are likely the more sound and reasonable way to bet on your belongings arriving safely at your new home. Moving companies are trained, licensed, and insured to offer premium packing service options and a smooth relocation process. Even if you are working with local movers, you are still required and responsible for preparing your move date and securing your household goods for when your crew arrives for loading and transit.

Make Yourself an Inventory

Before you venture out into the beautiful world of packing, you need to have a solid plan in place - or you will, at the very least, want to organize your game plan so you understand how to tackle the project. Whether you have previously experienced a cross-country or long-distance move, you must understand how many moving pieces there are to the typical procedures of a successful relocation.

Denverites know and love the Mile High City, a difficult place to leave behind. Still, when working alongside or in tandem with licensed moving specialists, you benefit from having a team of moving professionals behind you the entire time. Develop a master list for your packing project and share that with your movers; they can help create a whole inventory and provide an accurate estimate for your move with this information.

Donate & Consign to Declutter

If you pack up your entire house, you will finally have to clean out that closet, ruffle through your storage space and kids' rooms. It can feel overwhelming, almost as if the task is too much to handle, but when working towards a common goal with supportive people and professionals - the packing process can be quick and easy.

Organization and decluttering things is a give-in but don't put too much pressure on yourself - go from room to room and separate items into groups or piles. This also allows your mind to create categories, making the entire packing process much lighter! Look at your belongings and figure out what you will bring with you, would like to donate, can sell, or trash. Once everything is processed, you can make donations, consign things and start packing!

Prepare Your Supplies

You cannot begin packing without gathering all the necessary supplies to protect and adequately defend your items in transit. There are going to be some things that may be of extraordinary value and other things deemed priceless or sentimental - these are more than just things; they carry meaning and importance, and securing those belongings as they travel to your delivery location is the single most crucial factor of padding and packing.

Carrying the momentum for moving is easier when you have the pros to help you in the prep and packing. When you work with a local moving company to complete your cross-country move, you can rely on them for packing packages, labor, specialty crating, and insurance coverage options. It never feels safe moving long distances when you don't have quality packing supplies for protection. If you are completing all or some of the packing, consider using things you already have, such as suitcases, package boxes, storage bins, etc.

Use Color Coding and Detailed Labeling

As you prepare your belongings for the trip, it is also essential to consider the other side of things - unpacking. As you are packing your household goods, a reliable and detailed labeling system will help you know what items are where and what to prioritize once your belongings arrive. You can even explore color coding tape and labeling according to room, priority level, or household member. The more detailed and descriptive your labels are, the more straightforward the unpacking process will be!

Consider Utilizing Your Local Movers for Packing Assistance

Why attempt to back like an expert when you have local moving, storage, and packing specialists in Denver, CO, that can help ensure all your belongings are wrapped and packed up correctly and securely and arrive at your new home safe and sound? The Denver Moving Company offers multiple different packing package options, superior packing materials, custom crating solutions, and insurance coverage to provide your household security from point A all the way to your final destination.

The Denver Moving Company is a family-owned and locally operated full-service moving company available to help with your local, long-distance, or cross-country relocation in Denver, CO - so, whether you hope to move your residence or office! While you can impose plenty of packing tips during your preparation process, nothing compares to the support of local moving and packing specialists when undergoing a long-distance move.


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