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October 13, 2023

Overwatch - I'm With You

Overwatch is a great game with a hugely diverse cast of characters brought to life by loving animation and vocal performances. It's a vibrant, varied game whose gleaming futuristic interpretations of cities from around the world offer an alternative to the dull greys and browns that characterise most military FPS games.

And Blizzard is no stranger to multiplayer gaming, having honed their matchmaking system to eliminate much of the toxic player behaviour that puts so many people off other FPS titles. They also understand the importance of promoting positive play, which is why it's a breath of fresh air to see a hero shooter that embraces a more friendly and welcoming approach.

Despite these high points, Overwatch 2 has problems that can turn off new players. Load times are sluggish, especially on PC, and if you're queueing alone without any friends you'll find yourself in a Skirmish mode that doesn't give you much chance to make connections. The removal of endorsement (which allowed players to endorse their teammates for things like sportsmanship or shot-calling) and the inability to endorse enemy players is a shame; they were a fun and easy way to promote healthy gaming habits, and help foster good teamwork.

But despite these issues, Overwatch i'm with you is still one of the best hero shooters around. It's an ever-evolving game that offers a fantastic multiplayer experience - especially if you play on the competitive side of the meta. Keep an eye out for the free weekends that Blizzard runs from time to time, and you'll be glad you did.