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October 14, 2023

Nvidia Titan Xp Vs 1080 Ti

Nvidia’s TITAN Xp is the world’s fastest single-GPU video card. Its GP102 Pascal GPU core is built on the 16 nm FinFET process and offers up to double the peak graphics processing power of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. This is thanks to the fact that TITAN Xp packs twice the memory, and it also has a higher clock speed, resulting in better gaming performance. The TITAN Xp is capable of outperforming the newer, more expensive GTX 1080 Ti in most games, and it has an edge when it comes to running GPU accelerated Machine Learning algorithms for image classification and training large Deep Neural Networks.

The TITAN Xp has a premium design and build quality, with a faceted die-cast aluminum body that resembles the hilt of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in both the Jedi Order and Galactic Empire editions. The cards feature a dark finish and red lighting in the Jedi Order and green lighting in the Galactic Empire to mimic the color scheme of their respective factions’ gear. The TITAN Xp also has a custom thermal solution with dual-FETs and low impedance power delivery, as well as an 8-pin plus 6-pin power connector for the auxiliary power supply.

The TITAN Xp is available in several non-founders-edition variants from big brands like Asus (Strix), EVGA, Gigabyte (Aorus), and MSI. All of these are great choices and should perform equally well in gaming. Picking the one that you want is a matter of personal preference and your budget.