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October 14, 2023

No Man's Sky PC Screenshots

When no man's sky pc screenshots was first released it was lauded for its impossibly vast frontier of unexplored solar systems but it soon became clear that the base game would start to feel repetitive after just a few planets. In the trailers for the game there were lush green planets with complex life forms and a huge range of activities to undertake but at launch these were nowhere to be found. For many players this made the experience feel like a sandbox without any sand.

Since launch day Hello Games has been working hard to make No Man's Sky the experience they wanted it to be. In the last major update NEXT they introduced an online multiplayer component while adding even more content and features to the base game. You can now team up with other players to explore a planet together or even command massive freighters on lucrative missions across the galaxy. The latest updates have also added new vehicles, space stations and even a base-building feature.

No Man's Sky also offers a number of cool ways to take stunning in-game photos and screenshots. You can access the Photo Mode from the Quick Menu (simply select the Camera Icon) and it allows you to control various in-game settings including colour balance, saturation and contrast. You can also use the Photo Mode to capture a screenshot that includes your player's current location - handy if you need to leave the game briefly for another reason, such as answering the door or an incoming phone call.