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October 12, 2023

Nextbase 222x Dash Cam Review

The 222x represents a slight devolution from Nextbase’s more established 322 model. Gone are the emergency SOS, Wi-Fi and GPS systems, but the newer device does have 1080p recording and a rear camera as well as a useful G-sensor. It’s also very easy to use, and the built-in display gives you clear onscreen instructions for setting up and using each function.

The front camera offers excellent detail during the day, though it is prone to moire (unintentional patterning in an image). The night captures are pretty good, although I would have preferred a bit more resolution to see license plate numbers clearly. The rear cam’s 720p resolution is less ideal, but again it picks up a lot of info and is better than the standard in most dash cams.

There are a number of great features on offer here, and the 222x is one of the more affordable options in our best dash cam guide. There’s a battery-powered parking mode that can hold on to footage for 30 days, and an impressive G-sensor, which will start to record when an impact is detected. The only downside is that it lacks GPS, which can be helpful in corroboration or challenging eyewitness accounts.

It’s easy to set up too, thanks to a magnetic mount and cable that attaches to your car’s OBD-II port (typically found under the dashboard on the driver’s side). The unit has a display on its back that shows the current image and menu options, with a pair of sticky or suction mounts to choose from.