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October 12, 2023

Nexar One Dash Cam Review

When it comes to protecting yourself and your car against the sort of events that can happen on the road, a dash cam is often seen as an essential piece of technology. But while most people choose to purchase a dash cam for peace of mind, they often don’t realise that they can also help improve their own driving habits with the use of real-time feedback.

The Nexar One is a unique dash cam that is designed to give drivers an added level of engagement with their vehicles. With a 4K camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, this dash cam can be used to capture captivating footage of the road, from scenic landscapes to bustling cities. The Nexar One can also be paired with emergency contacts and used to send real-time video to these contacts if an accident occurs.

All footage is saved on an internal SD card, and as the memory fills up old clips will be automatically deleted to make way for new ones. A 32gb card is included with the device, and Nexar supports cards up to 256gb for maximum storage capacity. Nexar also offers an unlimited amount of free cloud storage, which makes storing important insurance footage or even just favourite road-trip memories an absolute breeze.

Nexar’s most advanced features like remote streaming, live alerts and vehicle tracking are all powered by a Nexar Connect subscription. This service is optional, but can be a very useful tool for professional drivers and car enthusiasts alike.