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October 14, 2023

Networx Bandwidth Monitor Review

Networx is a free program that offers an extensive suite of different network tools with one focus: to help users monitor Internet bandwidth usage. With a nice graph window and in-depth usage reports, it is an excellent option for anyone on a limited data plan or who simply wants to be more conscious of their Internet consumption. There are a lot of techier features that also make it a good choice for advanced users, like an easy way to run traceroute, for example.

The application works in a very simple manner, making it accessible even for novice users who want to track their bandwidth usage. From the system tray icon it is possible to display a graph with current incoming and outgoing transfer rates, as well as to view usage reports. The latter include the number of KB sent and received, total data transferred over the last day and month, as well as the average incoming and outgoing transfer rate, which allows a more precise analysis.

Various other options are available in the Networx settings menu. These include the ability to change the size of the graph window, choose whether or not it should be shown in the notification area or float on top, set what happens when you hover the system tray icon and more. It is also possible to configure quota settings, such as daily or monthly, peak and off-peak hours, traffic type (downloads only, uploads only or all), volume measurement unit and allowance.