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October 13, 2023

Mionix Nash 20 Review

Mionix has a good reputation for their peripherals aimed at gamers, especially mice. They’re often well-specced and have a cool design that appeals to gamers. The company is now aiming to take its excellent technology to headsets with the Nash 20.

It’s a circumaural analog stereo headset that retails for £85 and goes up against the likes of the ASUS Vulcan ANC. It also features a flip-up-to-mute microphone and on-ear cup volume control.

The Nash 20 is a good-looking headset that’s quite striking. The ear cups are a pair of radiused hexagons connected by the headband at the top, with Mionix’s logo carved into each one. They’re a bit angular, but it’s done in a way that doesn’t seem too over the top and fits well with the rest of the design.

As for the sound, I found it to be incredibly clear and crisp. Although it lacks the oomph of some other headsets, I found it to be more than adequate for gaming. I was able to easily locate enemy soldiers in shooter games and the cinematic experience was intact.

The mic quality is great, too. It can pick up my voice very clearly, even at high volumes. The only thing that kept me from giving this headset an award is the lack of a 5.1 surround USB card that would allow for a true virtual surround experience. I’d love to see a similar model from Mionix in the future that takes advantage of their relationship with SK Gaming.