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October 13, 2023

Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle

As much as Apple has captivated the world with their iPhones, Amazon has been lauded for its Alexa technology, and Microsoft has transformed our desktop ecosystem with Windows 10 – one thing that hasn’t changed is our need to organize data and document our work. And that’s where the Microsoft Office suite reigns supreme. If you’re looking to round out your resume, improve your productivity rates, or even just learn some new skills – this microsoft office mastery bundle is the perfect place to start.

This e-Learning bundle includes 7 courses that will teach you how to work with Excel (Essentials, Advanced, and PivotTable), Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and SharePoint. With over 70 hours of on-demand video, this is the ultimate course for anyone who wants to be a Microsoft power user. Learn to organize those endless emails in Outlook; create memorable presentations that will make your boss happy (or you could just turn them into comedy gold); and write macros in Excel to automate your most repetitive tasks.

With lifetime access to this 4.5-star-rated training, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace from experts like Shelley Fishel, Vlad Catrinescu, and many more. And if you’re an EA or PA, you’ll be able to quickly pick up new tricks that will ensure your executive is always well-taken care of, regardless of the challenge.