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October 12, 2023

Manga Studio 5 EX Review

Smith Micro's Manga Studio 5 EX is an advanced version of the company's popular comic and manga creation software. The program offers a wide variety of drawing, coloring and layout tools. Its extensive library of screen tones provides an impressive foundation for professional artists and amateurs alike.

The introductory course that comes with the program, taught by instructor Fontaine, is well done and will help users get started. However, it is important to note that the tutorial focuses on using the program for specific artistic purposes and does not cover all aspects of the software. For example, the tutorial is not a comprehensive introduction to all of the drawing tools available in Manga Studio 5.

Another feature that makes Manga Studio 5 a good choice for comic and manga production is its ability to create multiple pages at once. This will save artists time when preparing their work for publication and it also allows them to easily locate pages for reference or correction.

In addition, the software enables artists to use transparency as a color, which can be helpful when inking over pencils or erasing unwanted brush strokes. It also provides many useful features for modifying and creating brushes, including a range of special effects, such as stippling and drybrushing. The program also allows artists to select a layer or group of layers and use OPTION+CLICK to delete content from all of those selected areas at once, which is a nice time-saving feature.