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October 13, 2023

Macrium Reflect Review 2017

Macrium reflect review 2017 is a powerful disk imaging and backup software program that offers many features that are typically only found in commercial applications. It's easy to use, supports multiple storage mediums, and includes a range of management tools. It can perform backups while Windows is running; it can restore an entire system to a new hard drive or into a virtual machine, and it can also backup individual files and folders. It can even backup the entire NTFS partition and is capable of performing a disk recovery to recover data from a formatted or deleted NTFS partition. It can backup to a local, network or optical drives and provides support for schedule backups at set times or intervals. It can also compress backup files and employs data deduplication to reduce the size of the backup file.

Macrium Reflect can also create bootable media that allows a computer to be recovered even if the Windows operating system fails or is infected with a virus. It can also clone a drive, reorder and resize partitions and re-format drives. This is an excellent feature for people who need to try out new operating systems or upgrade their existing ones. It can also help save time and effort when restoring a system as it is ready to go without the need for any manual installation.

The interface can seem a little old-fashioned and complicated but it works well and there is a large range of options available. The free version is limited to imaging a disk or partitions but there's also a premium package that can perform cloning, file backup and much more. The paid package also includes changed block tracking, which makes backups faster, and Image Guardian to protect against ransomware attacks.