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September 7, 2023

Lucid Tattoos Reviews - Are Lucid Tattoos Really Worth Trying?

lucid tattoos reviews

Tattoos have been an artistic form of body art for millennia, providing individuals a means of expressing themselves and individualism through body art. There are simple or complex styles available and new trends like Lucid Tattoos that change shape and color according to temperature, light and wearer mood are becoming popular - this article will investigate their appeal further and shed some light on whether or not lucid tattoos represent reliable body art practice.

Lucid Fine Art and Tattoo was established in 2014, offering professional tattooing to suit a range of artistic preferences. The studio stands out with its team of passionate artists, customized service with complimentary consultations, clean professional environment and its dedication to producing outstanding artwork tailored specifically for each client's vision - qualities which have garnered it praise on Google reviews.

Kelly Ellett is the proprietor and lead artist at Lucid Fine Art and Tattoo and boasts over five years of experience tattooing various styles. She excels at covering old or unwanted tattoos while fulfilling customer desires precisely and professionally.

Lucid Fine Art and Tattoo offers free consultations to ensure clients find exactly the tattoo they envision, so clients can discuss their ideas, concerns, and expectations with their selected tattoo artist and form a close working relationship. At this initial meeting, clients can share all aspects of their desired tattoo vision, from ideas through to expectations to create the ideal outcome. After this initial meeting has taken place, our artists provide expert advice and provide detailed quotations so both parties are on the same page about what needs to happen next!

The studio adheres to stringent cleanliness standards and employs a hygienic work ethic, prioritizing client comfort and safety. All equipment and tools used during sessions are sterilized after each use and properly disposed of to reduce any chance of cross-contamination, with staff available 24/7 for any inquiries or issues that may arise throughout their processes.

Lucid Tattoos welcomes those interested in scheduling an appointment via their website or contact form. They accept cash and major credit cards and require a non-refundable deposit that can be applied towards the cost of a tattoo; bookings for appointments within the next couple of weeks are available now.

Lucid Tattoos stands out among its competition as a reliable and trustworthy provider for those in search of high-quality tattoo work, thanks to reputable customer reviews and active social media presence. Furthermore, its convenient location and affordable rates make Lucid an appealing option among tattoo enthusiasts.